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Our new guidebook is an invitation to explore Milwaukee in an entirely new way. "111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss" is a guide for locals and experienced travelers that reveals the fascinating, unusual, and little-known places and stories in and around Cream City.

New York City has always been a place where only tourists look up – until now. A new guidebook reveals the largely unexplored world on top of the city’s iconic skyline. Offering a surprisingly novel way to view the city, 111 Rooftops in New York That You Must Not Miss features the fascinating and unique venues where people can take advantage of the open-air spaces that are so often underutilized or overlooked.

The new insiders' guidebook, "111 Places in the Bronx That You Must Not Miss" reveals the startling places and intriguing stories hidden throughout this fabled borough in New York City.

We could not be more excited about our new 111 Places guidebooks for Spring 2019! This season, we are releasing eight incredibly diverse, fun, and unique guides to places, regions, and flavors in North America and Europe. On the North American West Coast, you can visit Vancouver, BC beyond its stunning beauty and learn the mysteries hidden in the farthest corners of Silicon Valley. Travel east to see the wonders of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Land in The Bronx, New York City's northernmost borough that is brimming with crea...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is in the news these days because the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be held there in 2020 for what will certainly be an eventful election season.

However, Cream City has been on our radar for a lot longer! This June, we will be releasing a much-anticipated new addition to the series: 111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss by Michelle Madden with photography by Janet McMillan. If you are from Milwaukee, or if you've ever visited, you know what an amazing place it is. But we guarantee...

March 28, 2019

It's MLB Opening Day! Hopes are high for the the teams we love over the coming season. Across Brooklyn, there are traces of "America’s Game," dating back to baseball's infancy, spanning more than 160 years, and connecting to many legendary greats of the sport. Here are are a few places to keep you occupied when you're team's not playing.

Though the Brooklyn Dodgers capture most of the ink, baseball in Brooklyn actually began with the amateur game in the late 1850s. Henry Chadwick, an avid promoter of early baseball, is cred...

Now that it's early March, we're could not be more excited at the prospect of warm weather, bright sunshine, and ditching our snow boots once and for all! In anticipation of spring, here are seven wonderful trees and flowering gardens that we're looking forward to visiting this season:

A guidebook that invites readers to experience the remarkable range of museums the city has to offer: 111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss (emons:/Distributed by ACC, February 15, 2019; $19.90 paperback with flaps).

February 27, 2019

On the evening of February 26th, 2019, Rizzoli Book Store hosted the launch event for our new book, 111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss. It was a standing-room-only evening filled with lively stories, beautiful photographs, and insightful questions.

What could I write about this world famous, sunshiny paradise of a coast, with its magically bizarre, red limestone cliffs, romantic Moorish mountain villages, vibrant and modern port towns, and unforgettable yet rough West Coast? The key to unlocking my inspiration was the “Junction of Freedom” in my chosen hometown of Portimâo, a typical port town suspended between the glory of past and the reality of the present.

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