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June is 111 Places Challenge Month

June is 111 Places Challenge Month! What does that means for you? Adventures and free books!

When you take the 111 Places Challenge, you'll be visiting as many places as you can from any of our guidebooks! As you visit and post a photos to Instagram of the all the places you've visited from your guidebook of choice, you will win more guidebooks just for going on adventures!

There's no time limit or stress – just fun!

It all started when a group of our readers from the Catlike Tread Theatre Company in Edinburgh, Scotland had the idea to visit all 111 places in the guide to their city, and the whole idea caught on. Today, we have had dozens of people begin the challenge, and many of these brave explorers have completed it. We have some elite adventurers who have visited all the places in more than one book! Whether you set out to visit 111 or 11 places, our guidebooks are here to take you on out for fun in your own city or region, or your favorite cities to visit.

So this summer, after some very difficult times around the world for us all, we're inviting everyone to join us on the 111 Places Challenge and commit to visiting as many places in one of our guidebooks as you can. Grab your favorite two-legged or four-legged companions, and hit the road. When you reach 50 places, you'll contact us, and we'll send you a free 111 Places guidebook of your choice. Same when you reach 75 places. And when you visit all 111 places in your book, we'll send you two free guidebooks, and we'll put your image on our Wall of Champions for all to admire! (Do shop for your guidebook from your favorite local bookstore.)

Visit the 111 Places Challenge page for all the details. We can't wait to see your smiling faces as you discover aspects of your favorite cities that you never knew about, meet amazing people, and open your heart to the world around you.

Don't forget to tag us at @111Places, and use the hashtags #111Places and #111Placeschallenge!

Happy Exploring!

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