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NEW! 111 Places in DENVER That You Must Not Miss

Denver and Boulder, Colorado have a vibe all their own, and author Philip D. Armour reveals the very heart of that vibe in our newest guidebook, 111 Places in Denver That You Must Not Miss, with beautiful, full-page photos by Susie Inverso. This travel guide for locals and return visitors also includes unique, unusual, and little-known places in both cities!

Denver and Boulder are the Gateway to the West, and this travel guide will take you to the places that embody the quintessentially American spirit here – with a twist!

Take, for example, the history of the Denver Omelet, also known as the Western omelet. You can learn its origin story on a particularly unusual All Things Colorado sidewalk plaque. Go for a stroll down the Wall Street of the Rockies, where titans of mining, railroads, and oil and gas left their financial marks.

You'll also find out where you can see wild bison and a grassland conservation area. Visit the grave of Buffalo Bill Cody, the great showman of the American West. Find a place to go kayaking, and maybe even buy an old ski-lift for your living room. Pick up some local, grass-fed, pasture-raised beef at a women-owned "heirloom" butcher shop.

Whichever places in this book catch your fancy, we can guarantee that you've never explored Denver like this before!

111 Places in Denver That You Must Not Miss is now available wherever books are sold, in stores and online.

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