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New Guides to Buffalo & Hollywood Go Beyond The Obvious

Our two new North American guidebooks will take you to wonderful, unexpected, delicious, strange, and funny place across the Buffalo/Niagara Region of New York State and deep inside the small but world-famous part of Los Angeles known as Hollywood!

It's time to explore these places that have long been in the shadow of their respective major tourist attractions and discover the real-life stories, characters, and sites to find the true heart and soul of Hollywood and Buffalo, both iconic in very different ways.

New Guidebook: 111 Places in Buffalo, NY That You Must Not Miss

111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss – Buffalo is an extraordinary city that is experiencing a wonderful renaissance. This new guidebook takes you on a journey of discovery to find Buffalo's finest treasures, surprising history, lost stories, amazing food, and so much more. You'll also explore the city of Niagara Falls in ways you've never considered. Author Brian Hayden and photographer Jesse Pitzler set out to create a book that would entice native Buffalonians, newcomers, and visitors alike to come out and explore this storied part of the country in entirely new ways and appreciate all it has to offer.

Which brewery has a giant but secret model train set?

What’s the story behind Buffalo’s two Statues of Liberty?

How can you step aboard the world‘s oldest working fireboat?

And where can you visit the graves of daredevils who plunged over Niagara Falls?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more in 111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss!

New Guidebook "111 Places in Hollywood That You Must Not Miss"

The Hollywood Sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are certainly world-famous landmarks, and rightly so. But even these two sites have hidden secrets that are shared on the pages of this new guide to a small part of Los Angeles with a global reputation. Author and photographer Brian Joseph takes you exploring deep into Hollywood to find the coolest places, incredible works of art, astonishing natural beauty, and excellent baked goods. Of course, he shares insights into the movies too that reveal a more personal and intimate side of show biz.

Which Hollywood Walk of Fame star is not actually on the sidewalk?

How can you find the secret staircases climbed by neighbors and A-listers alike?

Where can you see a vintage cabaret?

And how can you enjoy a tasty pastry while saving endangered butterflies?

Find out what makes the real Hollywood so fascinating, funky, and fun 111 Places in Hollywood That You Must Not Miss!

All 111 Places guidebooks are available wherever books are sold!

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