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Say Hello to Northumberland & Nottingham

We are extremely excited to share two of our newly published guidebooks to Northumberland in the North of the UK and Nottingham in central England's Midlands region! Pick up these beautifully crafted books and make plan for the remaining days of summertime in the UK.

New Guidebook, "111 Places in Northumberland That You Shouldn't Miss"

111 Places in Northumberland That You Shouldn't Miss: Author, photographer, and proud northerner David Taylor has published his newest 111 Places guide, this time taking explorers across England's northernmost county. Northumberland is known as the ‘Land of the Far Horizon.' It is place loved by residents and visitors alike for its rolling hills and long, sandy beaches, as well as its charming and friendly towns and villages. With this book in hand, you will discover the more offbeat corners of Northumberland and appreciate its many treasures! David is also the author and photographer of 111 Places in Newcastle That You Shouldn't Miss and did the photography for our soon-to-be published guide to Oxford!

New Guidebook: "111 Place in Northumberland That You Shouldn't Miss"

111 Places in Nottingham That You Shouldn't Miss: Nottingham native Phil Lee, along with photographer Rachel Ghent, have created a treasure map to this city that's known as the Queen of the Midlands. This new guidebook takes you exploring across Nottingham, such as its curious charms reveal themselves, such as the Victorian Lace Market to the grave of the soul singer Edwin Starr. Nottingham’s star charms are its splendid castle and the handsome Victorian buildings, but there’s much more – from world-famous sports grounds at Trent Bridge to a proud literary history with D. H. Lawrence and Lord Byron leading the charge. Not to mention the tree where a certain literary outlaw is said to have 'plighted his troth' to one Maid Marian.

You can find these new guide books and the entire 111 Places series wherever books are sold - in your favorite bookstores and online!

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