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111 Places Day Is Coming November 1

On November 1, we will be celebrating 111 Places Day! (That's 1/11 or 11/1, depending on where you live, but you get it, right?!)

On this first-ever 111 Places Day celebration, we are joining our authors and photographers from across the globe to celebrate the places we all love that are right outside our front doors!

111 Places guidebooks are for locals first, and these days, we've all had to seek adventure closer to home. We often overlook the magic around us, and our books aim to help everyone remember that you can learn amazing stories, meet incredible people through the ages, and find wonderful places that are new to you – if you know where to look! Our guidebooks will show you the way.

So on November 1, share pictures of your favorite places on Instagram or Facebook, and use the hashtag #111PlacesDay so we can all find your pictures! Tag us too at @111Places!

Meet some of our wonderful authors and photographers from 111 Places around the world to learn more in this video!

Get Ready for 111 Places Day 2021!

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