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The Pacific Northwest Is For Explorers

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

The Pacific Northwest is the land of majestic mountains, lush forests, and dramatic coastlines. This region has a spirit all its own, and it inspires explorers to step out and have a good look around. And you don't even have to risk life and limb to find the secret stories and hidden places here. You just have to walk out the door with these 111 Places books in hand – and enjoy a sneak peak at a new guidebook coming this fall!

by Katrina Nattress with photos by Jason Quigley

‘Keep Portland Weird’ is just the tip of this delightfully bizarre city’s iceberg. Throughout these pages, you’ll learn about Portland’s (at times sordid) past; relive the pioneers’ grueling trek to Oregon; discover the strangest museums you’ve ever heard of; and get the scoop on the restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that don’t come with an hour-long wait. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or first timer, recent transplant or Portland native, you will discover 111 hidden places that prove Portland is weirder than you could have ever imagined.

by Harriet Baskas with photos by Cortney Kelley

From a small coin-operated attraction filled with some of the world’s largest shoes to the greenest commercial building, urban old growth forests, a haunted staircase, and museums dedicated to pinball machines, dialysis machines, and rubber chickens, 111 Places in Seattle That You Must Not Miss is filled with invitations and inspirations to help locals and visitors alike to explore the Emerald City’s hidden treasures, overlooked gems, and charming curiosities.

by Dave Doroghy and Graeme Menzies

Vancouver’s pristine surroundings and mild, laid back atmosphere have always attracted artists, writers, thinkers, and dreamers of every variety, who, over time, have left their indelible creative mark on this relatively young city. The result of this legacy is a treasure trove of hidden sculptures, undiscovered climbing trees, quirky coffee shops, little known galleries, eclectic stores, bird nests, and bike lanes that wind around floatplanes and houseboats. Comb the farthest corners and dispersed streets to discover 111 of the city’s most compelling and wonderful places that will surprise even natives and long-time residents, not to mention visitors, alike.

by Dave Doroghy and Graeme Menzies

Whistler, BC today is a destination for daredevils, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts – and even royalty. But it’s Whistler’s locals and the people who have been coming here for generations who remember its history and its humble beginnings, when the great mountains were still an inside secret. When you know where to look, you’ll be amazed by Whistler's rich diversity and quirky surprises, from the funky dives where local “liftees” drink and dine, to high-end, glamourous shops in the village, Indigenous landmarks, ghost towns, and legacies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. And although mining and logging have been replaced by tourism, vestiges of the early pioneer days still pop up in the most unusual places.

Find these and all 111 Places Guidebooks in your favorite bookstore and online!

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