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Three New North American Guidebooks

Updated: May 28

We are thrilled to announce three new additions to the 111 Places guidebook series! Each of these guidebooks offers many weekends of exploration and adventure. Say hello to Napa & Sonoma, Montreal, and Black Culture in Washington, DC, and read on to find your invitation to a book launch party!

111 Places in Napa and Sonoma That You Must Not Miss

Ths guide is probably the first one for this storied region that's not about the wine! If you've been wine tasting, if you've taken friends wine tasting, or if you don't actually drink wine, then this is the guide for you! You'll discover the music, history, literature, wonderful nature, and memorable curiosities that are also a part of life in Napa and Sonoma counties. It's time to wander around this beautiful part of California and discover everything that makes it so unique, exciting, strange, and wonderful beyond the vines.

111 Places in Montreal That You Must Not Miss

Montreal is magical and mysterious any time of year, and this new guidebook offers 111 ways to explore the world’s second-largest French-speaking city any time of the year. You'll want to wander down every street, around every corner, and through every door mentioned in this book to find un expected places, forgotten stories, charismatic people, delicious things to eat, and fun things to do - and even learn to surf without setting foot in an ocean!

111 Places in Black Culture in Washington DC That You Must Not Miss

Release Date: June 19, 2024, now on presale

This new guidebook takes you across the capital of the United States to find exciting and compelling places in Black history and culture through several centuries and up to today. Whether you live in Washington, DC or you're visiting for the first or 10th time, you can now take a more inclusive look into the city through historical narratives that have often been overlooked or excluded. Meet the creatives, scholars, teachers, business owners, and food entrepreneurs who are all part of this dynamic city beyond the politics and the headlines. *Please join us for a Book Signing at the iconic eatery Ben's Chili Bowl on June 19th.

These and all 111 Places guidebooks are available wherever books are sold – in bookstores, gift shops, and online!

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