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2019 Resolution: Explore More (Sneak Preview)

With New Year's Eve just around the corner, you may be thinking about your resolutions for 2019. It's never easy to come up with goals and aspirations for yourself, so let us suggestion one for you:

Explore more.

If you can travel across the world to new regions, countries, or cities, that's wonderful. But if you don't have grand plans, you can resolve to get to know your own neighborhood, city, or region better every time you walk out your front door. Maybe you try a new restaurant. Or visit a shop you've been passing by for ages. Or go back to the museum you last visited on a school field trip. We guarantee that you will be amazed and delighted by the stories you learn when you start seeing everything around you in a whole new way.

To help you keep up with your resolution, in addition to our latest guidebooks, here's a sneak preview of the new 111 Places insiders' guides that will be coming out in the first half of 2019 for North America!

This groundbreaking insiders' guide to an urban treasure trove of gems in the sky will take you throughout the city's five boroughs to rooftop bars and restaurants, urban farms, sports, cultural events, classes, green roofs, parks, and, of course, spectacular views from above. Never before has a guide taken you to the top of New York City's skyline!

by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, Photography by Joe Conzo

Feast on dishes from Ghana and Italy. Learn to roll cigars. Pay homage to the founders of rap music and hip hop culture. And explore quiet cemeteries' stunning architecture. The borough is home the largest park in New York City, waterfront vistas that are unparalleled, and access to captivating riverfronts and bays.

by Michelle Madden, Photography by Janet McMillan

Milwaukee, a city both stunning and charming, also possesses a dry, self-deprecating wit and goofy cleverness. Visit 111 amazing places that reveal this unique character, one that keeps Milwaukee's locals local, and beckons visitors back again and again.

by Floriana Petersen, Photography by Steve Werney

For all we hear about companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook - and the personas behind those companies - the culture of Silicon Valley remains elusive and contradictory, even to many locals. This unique guidebook takes you on an insider's tour of 111 cool, offbeat, and compelling places that offer insight into the character of Silicon Valley.

By Dave Doroghy and Graeme Menzies

Just as the seawall, which winds its way around Vancouver's iconic Stanley Park, presents a new and fresh attraction around every corner, 111 Places Vancouver puts you on a path to discover new insights and perspectives on Canada's beloved west coast gem.

Check out these upcoming insiders' guides and the entire 111 Places Series online!

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