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Sneak Preview: Milwaukee's On Its Way

111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is in the news these days because the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be held there in 2020 for what will certainly be an eventful election season.

However, Cream City has been on our radar for a lot longer! This June, we will be releasing a much-anticipated new addition to the series: 111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss by Michelle Madden with photography by Janet McMillan. If you are from Milwaukee, or if you've ever visited, you know what an amazing place it is. But we guarantee that Michelle and Janet have some surprises in store for you!

This insiders' guide reveals hidden secrets, remarkable buildings, unusual sporting events, natural wonders, and even very haunted places. Entertainment giants Harry Houdini, Liberace, and Oprah found early inspiration here - Michelle tells you where.

Once a tropical reef (you can see the reef's actual location from a Walgreen's parking lot), Milwaukee is a place where Native Americans thrived, beer barons brewed, inventors made many of the things we take for granted today, and artists and architects created things of beauty. Best of all, Michelle captures the sense of humor and down-to-earth approach to life in her hometown that makes Milwaukee such a remarkable and enticing place.

About the cover, we did a local survey featuring several options to find out which one best represented the spirit of Milwaukee for locals. Beer won. To everyone's credit, it was a close tie with the incredible Milwaukee Art Museum.

Without giving too much away, below are a sampling of the secret stories and discoveries that await you in this guidebook:

Foamation Make Your Own Cheese Head Hat

Make your own cheesehead!

111 Places in Milwaukee that You Must Not Miss

Mingle with journalists and toast the mummified cat over the bar.

111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss

Can you guess who grew up here?

Guaranteed it didn't have nearly enough candelabras.

111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss

This is not a space ship. It is a gorgeous church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

using ball bearings to stabilize the structure.

111 Places in MIlwaukee That You Must Not Miss

Serving schnitzel, sauerbraten, and spaetzle

with a glass boot full of Spaten since 1902.

111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss will be released in early June 2019 and is currently available on pre-order online.

(In the interest of our non-partisan nature, we do not yet have a guidebook to Charlotte, NC, but it's in the works!)

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