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If You Like To Eat, Go To Queens

We are honored and thrilled that Food Critic Florence Fabricant has featured 111 Places in Queens That You Must Not Miss in her NY Times column, Front Burner.

While 111 Places guidebooks feature many different kinds of places, you will always find amazing food spots in our books. 111 Places in Queens is a little more flavorful than others, simply because that's the nature of the borough and because our author Joe DiStefano and our photographer Clay Williams are pillars of the NY food community.

New Yorkers know that Queens is the place to go in New York City for delicious treats from the most exotic corners of the world - Laos, Thailand, Mexico, Uruguay, Nepal, Ethiopia, Greece. 111 Places in Queens That You Must Not Miss will help you explore and discover eateries and many more intriguing, hidden, and unusual places in the World's Borough, even if you've lived there forever.

Order your copy of this #1 Best Seller online or in your favorite local book store, and plan a wonderful visit to Queens, the World's Borough.

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111 Places in Queens Featured in the New York Times

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