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Press Release: 111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn't Miss

Edinburgh Castle is a destination for all who visit Scotland. But did you know that it hosts a farmers market every Saturday?

We are happy to reveal some of the wonderful secrets of this ancient and storied city in our new guidebook, 111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn’t Miss.

Find the Witches Fountain. Meet two giraffes called Martha and Gilbert. See where 007 went to school. Author Gillian Tait has collected 111 unusual and interesting places that are waiting to be discovered. Combined with 111 stunning photographs, intriguing anecdotes and background stories, these places allow you to explore the real Edinburgh - whether you‘re a visitor or a longtime resident!

Unexpected Curiosities and Hidden Delights

Scotland’s capital harbours so many historic sites, architectural glories, and cultural attractions that most visitors are content to keep to the well-worn tourist trail. With this new discovery guide, however, be prepared to stray away from the obvious and explore unfamiliar corners of Edinburgh as well as its suburbs and hinterland. Experience the variety the city has to offer and discover fascinating local takes on the classic Scottish staples - kilts, whisky, golf, and castles, as well as splendidly scenic hills, islands, lochs, and villages.

Find out how a postbox became the centre of political protest, descend to a mysterious underground cave with rock-cut furniture, give yourself a treat with a particularly tasty sample of whisky or cheese, mourn at Scotland’s first pet cemetery or just enjoy the hot and humid environment of the city’s own tropical rainforest.

Gillian Tait was born in Edinburgh and grew up in other parts of Scotland before returning to the city of her birth to study art history. She worked for many years in the field of art conservation in museums in England, Scotland, and the USA. More recently she has occupied her time as a researcher and editorial assistant while indulging her passions for foreign travel and singing. She has lived in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town for 30 years. Read about Gillian's journey of discovery.

Order 111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn’t Miss online or purchase it in your local book shop.

For Media Inquiries and to request a pdf or hard copy of the guide for review, contact:

Laura Olk, Emons Press Office

+49 221 56977-231;

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