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New Guidebooks For The Holidays: Give the Gift of Adventure

'Tis the find the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Luckily, we have eight brand new 111 Places insiders' guides for you -- just in time for the holidays!

Whether the people on your gift list are world travelers or homebodies, our guidebooks offer adventures of discovery for cities and regions in faraway lands -- and right outside your front door! Order your gift books today to ensure delivery in time for the holidays!


by Wendy Lubovich, photos by Ed Lefkowicz

111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss by Wendy Lubovich with photos by Ed Lefkowicz

Author Wendy Lubovich is your personal museums guide as she takes your hand and leads you to find the hidden secrets in some of the most magnificent museums in the world -- and then pops you on the subway to each borough to explore museums featuring every genre of art, mathematics, magic, amusement parks, psychotherapy, baseball, tattoos -- and so many more! Find out the secret anomalies of a Met masterpiece, visit a mini museum down an alley, and delight in a museum of bonsai trees. (Available starting November 18, 2019.)

by Catrin George Ponciano

111 Places Along the Algarve That You Shouldn't Miss

Portugal is certainly a country that everyone must visit for its gorgeous coastline, food and music, and, of course, its beautiful weather. The Algarve is one of its most beloved regions, and this new guidebook tells you all the secrets you need to know, from an unusual fresh water beach, to a crypt filled with 1,500 skeletons, and a potent brandy distillery to a skydiving center. This guidebook is your key to discovering bizarre, fascinating, mystical, and unique places in this wonderful region. Enjoy our new guidebook to Lisbon as well (see below).

by Alexia Amvrazi, Diana Farr Louis, and Diane Shugart

111 Places Along the Algarve That You Shouldn't Miss

Athens is a city of ancient history and modern developments - and everything in between! This book reveals the wonderful, strange, quirky, and diverse places across the sprawling megalopolis - from fabulous purifying baths in the classic tradition and an ancient riverbed inside a subway station, to the intimate apartment salon frequented by Camus, Faulkner and Chagall, to a flea market filled with enticing antiques and collectibles. And, of course, mouthwatering Greek food!

by John Major, photos by Ed Lefkowicz

111 Places in Brooklyn That You Must Not Miss

Ah, Brooklyn. Arguably the trendiest place on the planet right now, Brooklyn is no myth. A borough of New York City that is steeped in history and diversity, Brooklyn would be vying with Chicago as the country's third largest city if it were independent. In other words, it's a big place. To explore Brooklyn properly, you need a plan. This brilliant new guidebook is that plan and also a treasure map for locals and for everyone who wants to experience the true Brooklyn. Shop for unicorn horns, visit Al Capone's wedding chapel, and sit in the same pew that Abraham Lincoln occupied - all this and much, much more. (Available starting November 18, 2019.)

111 Places in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato That You Shouldn't Miss

Piemonte, or the Piedmont Region in northwestern Italy, is known for its vineyards, cheeses, and truffles, along with its beautiful landscapes and vivid history. The towns of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato were selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, and they are brimming with amazing places for you to discover. Once you've had your fill of Nebbiolo, Moscato, and Barbera, this guidebook will take you to ancient towns, churches, castles, unusual museums, places in literature, and many more hidden gems.

by Kathleen Becker

111 Places in Lisbon That You Shouldn't Miss

Lisbon is a city that is simply begging to be explored. The capital of Portugal's winding streets and tiled walls encourage you to go wandering, and this new guidebook will show you places you never even knew you wanted to see. But you'll never forget them. You will find stories an secrets hidden in plain sight even at the most iconic tourist sites and others that are well off the beaten track. A city that has been around for over 2000 years is bound to be filled with unusual, undiscovered, and fascinating places for you to seek out. Pick up a copy of our brand new 111 Place guide to the Algarve too!

by Christoph and Sabine Hein

Singapore is known as the gateway to China, India, and Southeast Asia, a mixing bowl where people of all backgrounds land and stay or continue on their way. Our new guidebook reveals the fine details of the history, culture, and people of this magnificent city. You'll enjoy an incredibly diverse array of places to visit, from the palaces of the rubber barons toa take-away food stands with a Michelin star. 111 Places in Singapore takes you exploring within and far beyond the city's skyscrapers and bright lights.

by Anita Mai Genua, Clare Davenport, and Elizabeth Lenell Davies

111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss

Toronto the Good? That's how we know this beautiful city in Canada. But it's also Toronto the Diverse, Toronto the Green, Toronto the Delicious, and Toronto the Strange and Unusual. This fun guidebook captures the many angles of Toronto with 111 little know places, people, and stories. Imagine a house covered in dolls and toys? Or gliding on center ice in the middle of a grocery store? Or dining on dishes recreated from recipes that are hundreds of years old? Our authors leave no stone unturned so that you can enjoy discovering the secrets of "Muddy York."


Find these books in your local book stores and online by November 18, 2018! And don't forget to plan your own adventures with the entire 111 Places series of guidebooks to cities and regions around the world!

Happy Holidays and Happy Travels!

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