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Press Release: 111 Places In The Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss

Where did notorious gangsters drink illegal cocktails?

Where can you savor a bison melt sandwich?

Where can you enjoy a play in the company of not one, but two ghosts?

And where is the quietest place on earth?

Minneapolis and St. Paul - that's where!

In 111 Places in the Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss, Elizabeth Foy Larsen introduces us to 111 unusual and interesting places that are waiting to be explored. In combination with over 111 stunning vivid photographs, Larsen's book reveals Minneapolis‘ and St. Paul‘s secrets, adventures, and beauty in places so unexpected that they will surprise even local residents.

Visit the sites of St. Paul‘s nefarious mobster past or paddleboard down a hidden canal that looks like a Monet landscape. Take in a show at the Minneapolis theater where Prince played his first solo gig, ski on a frozen lake decorated with ice luminaries, and sample lefse and lingonberries in a Norwegian market.

111 Places in the Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss is part of the international series 111 Places That You Must Not Miss with over 250 titles and 1,5 million copies in print worldwide.

Elizabeth Foy Larsen’s stories have appeared in dozens of publications, including The New York Times, Mother Jones, Slate, Travel+Leisure, and FamilyFun. She’s also the co-author of the bestselling Unbored series of family activity books, which taught her how to stop feeling like her family’s office manager and enjoy exploring Minneapolis and St. Paul with her husband and three kids. A native Minnesotan, Elizabeth tries to embrace cold weather by knitting Scandinavian mittens, cross-country skiing, and taking saunas and jumping into a hole in the ice.

Wabasha Caves: this is where those gangsters came for a cocktail or two

Visit Ingebritsen's for lingonberries, lefse, and lutefisk

Keep an eye out for shadowy figures of Ben and Veronica at the Fitz

Alone with your thoughts at Orfield Laboratories, the quietest place on earth

Kenilworth Channel or ...

... Monet's Banks of the Seine at Jenfosse?

Find 111 Places in The Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss in bookstores and specialty shops near you, and online:




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