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At A New York Dinner Party (Spoiler Alert)

What happens when you put a bunch of writers and photographers together in the same room? I wasn't quite sure, but I sure wanted to find out.

As North America editor-in-chief for 111 Places Guidebooks, I had met everyone on our NYC "crew" individually, including our authors and photographers who have written 111 Places guidebooks about the city, and those who are in the process of writing very exciting new ones (spoilers below). My husband James offered to cook boeuf bourguignon, with plum galettes for dessert -- who could say no to that?

We were joined by these talented authors and photographers:

We missed Leslie Adatto, who is writing of our upcoming 111 New York Rooftops That You Must Not Miss (Spring 2019), Clay Williams, Photographer of 111 Places in Queens That You Must Not Miss.

Of course, what happened was that a delightful and delicious evening was had by all, with lots of laughter, a little bit of burgundy, lots of shared ideas, and lots of plans for collaborations and launch parties to come, to which you are all invited too.

And now you know about some of the most exciting 111 Places guidebooks we're working on for Brooklyn, Museums, and Rooftops!

Images courtesy of Photographer Ed Lefkowicz -

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