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111 Places In Bath That You Shouldn't Miss: An Ancient City for Modern Times

You might assume that a city named Bath is known for its baths. You would be correct. The City of Bath in southwest England has been known for its thermal springs for centuries. In fact, the ancient Romans built the first baths in 60AD, almost 2000 years ago. You can still see the remains of the Roman baths today, which is one of the reasons why Bath was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Modern Bath is equally intriguing, which is why we are particularly excited about our new guidebook, 111 Places in Bath That You Shouldn't Miss, currently a #1 New Release on Amazon.

Author Justin Postlethwaite takes us to some of his favorite hidden spots and unusual places in Bath:

Shop for bottled potions and tinctures in A. H. Hale, an 18th century apothecary shop that still serves its community.

A. H. Hale Apothecary

Visit the Cleveland Pools, once all but abandoned and soon to be restored to their original glory.

Cleveland Pools

Follow the footsteps of authors Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Charles Dickens, who all visited and were inspired by their time spent in Bath.

Dickens' Saracen's Head Inn

Stroll through Royal Victoria Park, where Princess Victoria walked long before she became Queen of England. And learn why she never returned.

Royal Victoria Park

Visit Smallcombe Garden Cemetery and the grave of Fred Weatherly, who wrote the lyrics to the timeless ballad, "Danny Boy."

Smallcombe Garden Cemetery

Spot a kingfisher along the River Avon at the Bath Boating Station.

These intriguing and wonderful places and many more await you between the pages of this guidebook, which will delight both Bathonians and experienced travelers alike.

Born and raised in Somerset and a graduate of Leeds University, journalist and editor Justin Postlethwaite usually writes about the places, food and culture of France. However, having lived in Bath for 20 years, he was thrilled to explore a little closer to home for this book. The opportunity to delve deeper into the stories, characters and intriguing places meant exploring his adopted hometown with fresh affection.

Author and Photographer Justin Postlethwaite

111 Places in Bath That You Shouldn't Miss is now available on bookstores and online:

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