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New Release VIDEO: 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss

Emons Verlag has released our newest guidebook, 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss by Laurel Moglen and Julia Posey, with photographs by Lyudmila Zotova.

The City of Angels is about to reveal some of her best-kept secrets in a new illustrated guidebook, 111 Places In Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss.

Beyond the sun and sand, the beautiful people, and the Hollywood glamour are surprises unknown even to native Angelenos. This unusual guidebook explores 111 of the city’s most interesting and unique places and experiences. Wander a serpentine path in a spiritual quest of your own making. Channel your inner cowboy at a The Cowboy Palace Saloon, a tried-and-true honky-tonk bar. Pay homage to the “Dude” at the bungalow where the Big Lebowski lived. Turn your car tires into symphonic instruments on the country’s only “musical” road.

“When you arrive in Los Angeles, we want our guidebook to feel like your friend who will take you to the coolest local places,” says Co-Author Laura Moglen.

Moglen and Co-Author Julia Posey, both communications professionals, spent many months exploring their city and finding wonderful places to include in the guide. Some destinations, like the Venice Art Walls and the Brady Bunch House, are hiding in plain sight.

“Los Angeles is a huge and sprawling city,” says Posey, a Los Angeles native. “So even if you have lived here for many years, or even a lifetime, there are always new places to discover.”

111 Places That You Must Not Miss is a series of guidebooks primarily for locals and for experienced travelers. The books present cities, regions and even whole countries from a wonderfully different and personal perspective. Go off the beaten path to find the hidden places, stories, shops and neighborhoods and unlock a destination’s true character, history, and flavor. The series is published by Emons Publishing in Cologne, Germany and New York, NY.

Purchase your copy of 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss online today or in a bookstore near you.

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