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NEW GUIDEBOOK: 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss

Where can you find a dead poet with a Twitter account? Where can you meet a magical hedgehog who lives in a tree? Where can you escape from a castle? And where can you see Bach interpreted in flowers?

111 Great Reasons to Explore Toronto!

Find out the answers to these questions and many more in the newly released insiders' guidebook, 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss.

Boralia serves recipes dating back hundreds of years in Canadian history

Join authors Anita Mai Genua, Clare Davenport, and Elizabeth Lenell Davies as they take you on a journey of discovery through Toronto‘s furthest and most fascinating corners. 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss reveals to you the city’s most interesting places and stories in the nooks and crannies, hiding in plain sight, and well off the beaten track.

The Dawn Redwood is a living fossil

This guidebook presents a wide range of fun and interesting places to discover and explore. The Dawn Redwood is a rare, living fossil in Edwards Garden. Kids of all ages can spend hours in the Osborne Collection of 80,000 classic and new children's books. The restaurant Boralia offers diners an actual taste of Canadian history with dishes dating as far back as the 1600s. First Nations artists create body art from traditional imagery at Inkdigenous Tattoo. A shop called Knife is dedicated to Japanese kitchen knives for the modern samurai.

Knife offers truth in advertising by selling knives

Step away from the traditional sites in this dynamic and diverse city to discover intriguing and little known places that will surprise, captivate and delight both Torontonians and tourists alike!

Express your spirit at Inkdigenous Tattoo

111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss is now available online and in bookstores and shops near you!

For Media Inquiries and to request a .pdf or hard copy of the guidebook for review, contact: Laura Olk, Emons Publishing Press Office laura.olk@111places.com, +49 221 56977-231;

Author Anita Mai Genua

Author and Photographer Clare Davenport

Author Elizabeth Lenell Davies

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