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Back To School: New Adventures Await

It's that double whammy time of year that nobody looks forward to: the end of summer and back to school. And yet there's something very exciting about the fall and the opportunities it presents.

For students going off to study in a new city, adventure awaits. And we may just have a guidebook that will help you feel right at home when you get to your new college or university!

Many of the institutions of higher education in Baltimore are well over 100 years old. If you are studying at any one of them, take time to learn the history of this great city. The stories of emancipation, religious freedom, and even one about a certain mobster and his social disease will intrigue you. And do not underestimate the incredible food options here, including the place that invented Old Bay ice cream.

If ever a city had stories to tell, it's this one! There is a fairy castle and a murder castle. Spot the mosaics created in pot holes, and a see a house with leopard spots. Secret mobster passages and haunted woods are really something to see, but bring a friend or two a long, just in case. And really get to know the city by touring its water treatment plant! This book tells Chicago stories like you've never heard before.

LA is full of sunshine and beaches, and also some incredibly fun, unusual, and imaginative places. If you think you know Los Angeles, you may find yourself saying, "I had no idea this even existed." Think about a theater with no props and no costumes, but some of the most famous actors on stage. Or the actual chocolate factory that inspired Lucille Ball's famous scene with chocolates on a conveyor belt. You'll love LA even more after reading this book.

New York City has well over 100 colleges, universities, and professional schools. So for the thousands of students moving to the city or commuting to a new part of town, our newly updated version of 111 Places in New York City That You Must Not Miss will take you and your friends on a treasure hunt through all the boroughs. This guidebook is filled with secrets for you to find.

Sleek and lovely, San Francisco too has 111 unique places to discover, whether you're new to the city or you have lived there for a while (or even forever!). Maybe you need a pirate supply store to stock up on eye patches. Try keeping a straight face as you wander through a museum dedicated to the history of the vibrator. Or learn about sound sculptures. Take this book out for a spin on the streets of San Francisco.

Our first guidebook for a Canadian city comes out this month, right when everyone is meeting their new dorm mates! Explore this beautiful city on the lake, including unusual shops, fabulous restaurants, fun bars, and so much more in 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss.

With nearly 200 colleges and universities in Minnesota, every student will spend some time wandering around Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you want to know about the most unusual places, including hauntings, historic spots, romantic corners, and even meat raffles, then 111 Places in the Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss must be on your dorm room shelf.

We often forget that beyond the headlines in the news, Washington, DC is a real city with real communities and fantastic stories around every corner. This guidebook will take you to see the oldest cherry trees in the city, an actual stop on the Underground Railroad (in a cemetery!), and to a magnificent, secret aquatic garden, among the many wonderful places to discover in our nation's capital.

Are you studying abroad? Lucky you! Read about the Top 10 Places to Study Abroad, and the 111 Places guidebooks that will make sure you arrives well informed and ready to explore your new home away from home.

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