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Are You Up For The 111 Places Challenge?

Catlike Tread Theater Group Finished the 111 Places Challenge in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh's Cat-Like Tread Theater Company Launched the "111 Places Challenge"

It all started in Edinburgh. As a lead-up to their show in the Fringe Festival, a wonderful theater company called Cat-Like Tread set out to visit all 111 places in "111 Places in Edinburgh" within 111 days. They are the very first 111 Places Challenge Champions! And they launched the whole idea behind what we now call the "111 Places Challenge"!

Since then, we have had several fearless people take on the challenge!

Evelyn Derderian Flynn - 33 Walks in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Evie is a fitness professional who moved to London recently. She decided to get to know her new home by doing all the walks in Nicola Perry's 33 Walks in London That You Shouldn't Miss (UK, US). Her pictures are beautiful, and we have enjoyed seeing where the paths take her on each walk! So make sure you follow @Flourish-ious on Instagram to see her adventures (#evydoes33walks, #111placeschallenge). And read more about her personal and professional insights, and her professional services on her website,

Brant Duncan - 111 Places in New York That You Must Not Miss

Big City Brant is visiting all 111 places in the Big Apple! At this time, he's up to #63, and we are loving every one of his postings! Do read them on Instagram because he takes the time learn the stories behind the places he's visiting, and he shares them in his postings. Hopefully his insights and his great photos will inspire locals to step out of their own neighborhoods, and visitors to venture beyond Times Square and really see the hidden gems and secret places all over New York City! Follow @BigCityBrant on Instagram!

Katie Willard - 111 Places in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss

We're so excited to have Katie visiting all the places hidden away in the capital city! If you look beyond the politics and the headlines, there is a magnificent, multi-layered city to discover, and Katie is doing it one place at a time! She works at one of DC's most wonderful independent bookstores, Politics and Prose, and she has created a fantastic display of 111 Places in Washington, DC along with other great books associated with each of the 111 places! We absolutely love it! Follow Katie's adventures on Instagram at @KatieWIlla!

You can do the #111PlacesChallenge too! Check out our guidelines and rewards if you decide you have the stamina, focus, and at least one good friend to visit all 111 places in any of our books! (Yes, we have rewards for you!)

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