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Father's Day: When Sunday Drives With The Family Aren't Quite Far Enough

Parents usually do a lot of driving, with commuting and carting of children to and fro. The classic Sunday drive, however, is a bit different. Piling into the car after lunch and just going for a drive into the country, out for ice cream, over to the lake. Do families still do that? I hope so because it's a wonderful family tradition.

But the thing is, sometimes a day out on the open road isn't enough. Maybe your dad would like to drive on the other side of the road? Or maybe he doesn't want to drive at all? Maybe he'd like to go much further out into the world!

This Father's Day, maybe you can dream a bit bigger, or at least farther, with your dad with our new summer guidebooks. Plan a trip together, or leaf through the pages and transport yourselves to a new and exciting place from the comfort of the sofa!

111 Places in Amsterdam That You Shouldn't Miss

We think Amsterdam is a party town, and we're not wrong. But this city also boasts centuries old traditions, architecture, and secrets! Thomas Fuchs shares delightful, intriguing, and even funny places on side streets, in parks, and along the canals of Amsterdam. (Related: 111 Places in Berlin)

The European Union Headquarters is filled with much more than buildings and policy makers. Come along with Kay Walter and Rudiger Liedtke through the layers of time and culture in this city at the crossroads of Europe. (Hint: There are fries, chocolate, and beer along the way!) (Related: 111 Places in Paris)

111 Places in Glasgow That You Shouldn't Miss

Tom Shields is a Glaswegian journalist who takes us to the exciting, hidden spots in this ancient port city in Scotland. Learn the secrets, discover the curiosities, and meet the Glaswegians in their own favorite places in Glasgow. (Related: 111 Places in Edinburgh)

If Dad is looking for sun and beaches, then there's no place like Rio! Beate C. Kirchner guides us through smallest streets up in the hills and the sweetest spots near the beautiful beaches, and everywhere in between. (Related: 111 Places in Buenos Aires)

111 Places in Washington, DC THat You Must Not Miss

Have you ever thought about the actual city of Washington, DC? The place beyond the headlines, where real people live and thrive? Author Andréa Seiger has, and she shares all her best kept secrets in this new insiders guide to the nation's capital! (Related: 111 Places in Baltimore)

Happy Fathers' Day!

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