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Holiday Dreaming: Places In the World That You Must Not Miss #18 - 24

For the month of December, we are continuing our list of 31 places in the world that you must not miss! Click here for #25 - 31, and scroll down as we reveal #18 - 24!

24. ISTANBUL - Çarşamba Market

111 Places in Istanbul That You Must Not Miss: takes you to some of the most fascinating spots in this amazing and ancient city. One of the more fragrant and colorful ones is the Çarşamba Market, said to be the oldest market in the city, dating to Byzantine times!

23. HAMBURG: The Brahms Museum

111 Places in Hamburg That You Shouldn't Miss features the Brahms Museum, which is situated on a Hamburg street that Johannes Brahms walked along countless times as the world became aware of his musical genius. You can visit his very own piano and imagine his fingers on the keys.

111 Places in Hamburg That You Must Not Miss

22. LOS ANGELES: Descanso's Ancient Forest

111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss highlights an incredible collection of cycads, an ancient class of plants, some of which can live to be 1,000 years old. The collection lives and thrives in Descanso Gardens, and it looks and feels like you're stepping back in time - 200 million years or so.

21. HONG KONG: Kau Ling Chung

111 Places in Hong Kong That You Shouldn't Miss can show you where to go camping in this massive urban landscape,Kau Lung Chung campsite is part of the amazing, 70-mile Lantau Trail, and it's a great place to set up camp right on the beach.

111 Places in Hong Kong That You Shouldn't Miss

20. NEW DELHI: Jhandewalan Hanuman Statue

111 Places in New Delhi That You Must Not Miss points you in the direction of a 108-foot-tall statue of Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God. The statue was only erected in 1997, but it soon became and iconic landmark in West Delhi.

111 Places in New Delhi That You Shouldn't Miss

19. STOCKHOLM: Hellasgården

111 Places in Stockhom That You Shouldn't Miss invites you to a Nordic sports facility at the heart of a huge nature resreve just 15 minutes from the center of the city. Not surprisingly, it is most lovely to visit this place in winter to enjoy the illuminated cross-country trails in the forest, or ice fishing and skating on Lake Killtorp.

111 Places in Stockholm That You Must Not Miss

18. ROME: Galleria Sciarra

111 Places in Rome ThatYou Must Not Miss reveals Galleria Sciarra, a beautiful courtyard inside Palazzo Sciarra Colonna Carbognano. It serves simply as a pedestrian walkway, but if you look around, and especially up, you can see the most beautiful architectural details from the 16th century and imagine the history of the place.

111 Places in Rome That You Must Not Miss

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