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Holiday Dreaming: Places In The World That You Must Not Miss #25 - 31

It's December 1, and we are celebrating the season by selecting 31 wonderful places around the world from our 111 Places guidebooks! We will be highlighting a new group of places each week during the month of December!

We are extremely excited about our first 7 places:

31. AMSTERDAM - The Perlee Organ Museum

111 Places in Amsterdam That You Shouldn't Miss is coming out in English in January! To tide you over until then, here is one of the must beautiful and interesting places: the Perlee Organ Museum, where you can see some of Amsterdam's finest street organs, which were made by the

30. TOKYO - The Dyer's Lanes

111 Places in Tokyo That You Shouldn't Miss is available on pre-order for the end of December! In a country known for colors and fabrics, you can still see traditional textile dying in person in this very special place.

29. BERLIN - Mittlemeerhaus Botanical Garden

111 Places in Berlin That You Shouldn't Miss is one of our most beloved books, and it was just updated in 2017. The Mittlemeerhaus at the Botanical Garden is the place to go for the scents, colors, and warmth of a beautiful glass castle!

28. VIENNA - Cafe Prǖckel

111 Places In Vienna That You Shouldn't Miss reveals the hidden gems in this magnificent city. Cafe Prǖckel is tucked away in a gorgeous building, and it is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast or lunch, or a lovely afternoon coffee and pastry. Enjoy café life at its finest.

27. ICELAND - The Museum Of Melodies

111 Places in Iceland That You Shouldn't Miss Is also a brand new title translated into English! Known for it's other-worldly natural wonders, Iceland is also a country of music. The Museum of Melodies Jóns Kr. Ólafsson, a Icelandic pop star who encountered many of the finest talents in modern music.

26. TWIN CITIES - The Elf Tree

111 Places in the Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss is newly released in November, 2017, and it is filled with the wonderful places in Minneapolis and St. Paul. One of the tiniest places in any our our books is the Elf Tree. Children can leave a message for Mr. Little Guy, and they may just find a response when they return!

25. NEW YORK CITY - Elizabeth Street Garden

111 Places In New York That You Must Not Miss is a worldwide best seller because everyone wants to know the Big Apple beyond Times Square! The Elizabeth Street Garden is a magical spot in Lower Manhattan, filled with wonderful monuments and sculptures. You'd never know it was there unless you walked by it, or read this guidebook!

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