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Come On A Pub Crawl Across London

Here in the 111 Places New York office, we've been loving 111 London Pubs and Bars That You Shouldn't Miss. We have been anticipating this book via photos, and it is even more lovely in person, with its gold letters and shiny drink outlines on the black cover, and the enticing photos and stories inside.

So we thought we'd pick a few bars to entice you as well. Having not been in London for way too long, our choices were made mostly by picking great photos, pretty drinks, and gorgeous interiors. But really, you can't go wrong choosing any of these pubs and bars that are a critical part of London's society and history.

So let's go on a virtual pub crawl!

Chesham Arms: A country pub on a back street in London, The Chesham Arms is truly a place for locals. In fact, this 150 year old venue in Hackney was saved from closure and redevelopment by its patrons and community, and it was restored to its present glory in 2015. Go for the craft beers and ales and the kitchen takeovers by street food vendors!

Four Thieves: It looks like this Battersea boozer has it all: trendy foods, an escape room, arcade games, a race track, and, obviously, booze. Drinks are served in the Boat Room at a bar made from an old boat. Enjoy a sip of gin while you trounce the competition at pub quizzes. You'll have to read the chapter to find fun references to the Black Plague.

Dandelyan: We all love a glamorous hotel bar, and Dandelyan at the South Bank's Mondrian is a beauty! Mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana brews up modern refreshments with wild ingredients like blue corn, mummified citrus, and leather. He's a mad scientist at the bar, and we cannot wait to go taste his concoctions for ourselves.

The Four Quarters: Being in New York, we noticed the Brooklyn Brewery sign in the photo. Looks like this bar in Peckham has a literal name - you can trade in your pound coins for 4 quarters and play your favorite video games: Tron, Pac-Man, Street Fighter II, Asteroids. Normally, we'd insist on Frogger, but the cocktails , the secret basement bar, and something called "The Confession Room" are too much to resist.

Rules Cocktail Bar: London's longest-surviving bar?! Opened in 1798, it's almost as old as the United States itself. The Downton Abbey decor downstairs sounds lovely, but upstairs seems like the place to settle into a red velvet chaise longue, rubbing elbows and sipping martinis with the fine people of London. Apparently, it's also the perfect setting for a royal tryst, should we be so inclined.

Pick up your copy of 111 London Pubs And Bars That You Shouldn't Miss for yourself, and give it to your friends so that you can all plan a real pub crawl - 9 drinks each month ought to get you through the book, plus one extra in December. Tag us wherever you go to any of these pubs and bars: #111Places, #111PlacesChallenge

Now available in your local book store and specialty shops, and also online:

UK: Amazon, ACC

Canada: Amazon, Indigo

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