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111 London Pubs & Bars That You Shouldn't Miss For The Best Nights Out

Get ready for the best nights out in London with our newest guidebook, 111 London Pubs and Bars That You Shouldn't Miss!

When it comes to drinking, London is unrivaled. Scratch the surface, and you'll find a burgeoning craft beer movement, cocktails that are envelope-pushing and wine bars taking the pomp out of plonk. So where do you start? Start with the ones with the most heart. The ones with the story to tell. The ones that are so much a part of London that we couldn't imagine a city without them.

In this collection of 111 bars and pubs in London, you'll find rooftops, basements, gardens, caves, breweries, distilleries and so much more. You'll find places the locals couldn't

let die and venues so impressive, people have done their utmost to keep them under wraps.

Picking up this book is the equivalent of stepping through the speakeasy door and marveling at the cave of hidden, boozy wonders inside. Call it London's best bar crawl yet.

111 London Pubs and Bars That You Shouldn't Miss is now available online (UK and US), and in bookstores and specialty shops near you!

Gordon's WIne Bar

Black Friar

Milroy's of Soho

Laura Richards, Author Jamie Newson, Photographer

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