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111 Places in Paris That You Shouldn't Miss

We are so excited to be publishing 111 Places in Paris That You Shouldn't Miss, available on pre-order now.

Anyone who has fallen for the charms of Paris will certainly return to the City of Lights. The second trip is when you realize that Paris owes its allure not only to its classic sights, but also to the enticements of quiet parks on Sunday mornings, the beauty of each individual Haussmannian façade, and the joys of discovering small local restaurants and bars that anchored the ever-changing neighborhoods for decades.

And Paris does change. Yet it manages to retain and amplify its magic with every return visit because for Parisians and visitors alike, it is the City of Love and also a beloved city.

When you travel with 111 Places in Paris That You Shouldn't Miss, you will find a café where you don’t pay for your food but for the time you spend there. You will discover Mick Jagger’s lips on the pissoirs in an iconic rock bar. Reserve your spot on a guided tour of fine French craftsmanship at the Gallery Vuitton, and pay homage to a beloved monkey at a chic pet cemetery.

Authors Sybil Canac, Renée Grimaud, and Katia Thomas have presented their favorite city in its true nature. They have revealed its to hidden jewels, remote corners, and unknown nooks, and they invite you on a journey of discovery far from the tourist routes. The guidebook is expertly translated from the original French by Hadley Suter.

This new guidebook will surprise even the most frequent visitors to the city, just as it will delight the newcomers as well. We dare you not to lose your heart to the real Paris.

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111 Places in Paris featured in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine

111 Places in Paris That You Must Not Miss featured in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine

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