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Vampires, King Cakes & Beads - Oh My!

The Bead Tree at Tulane University

Mardi Gras is fast approaching!

If you are heading to New Orleans, celebrating in spirit from the comfort of your sofa, or if you live there and feel like it's a good time to explore unknown corners of the city, get yourself a copy of 111 Places in New Orleans That You Must Not Miss by Michael Murphy and Sally Asher.

Michael and Sally will show you where to buy the craziest wigs and festive glitter lashes to get ready for crazy fun in the streets. They'll take you for a cup of "coffee to wake the dead" the next morning, near an actual graveyard. They reveal what happens to all those Mardi Gras beads when the party is over. And they will send you to a haunted hotel with a passageway to "the other side."

All these secrets and many more await you between the purple covers of this guidebook for locals and experienced travelers.

NEWSFLASH: Michael shares his inside tip about where to get the tastiest King Cakes on the Travel Channel's Roam Blog!

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