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11 Most Romantic Places In The World

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. So we want to tell you about some of the most romantic spots to be found in major and smaller cities around the world. Maybe we can help you find the perfect place for your second honeymoon. Or your first.

1 Barcelona: Rooftop Terrace at the Grand Hotel Central

High above the crowded narrow streets of the Barrio Gótico is a roof terrace with comfy deck chairs, a full bar, and an infinity pool. The views are unparalleled, and there is no better place to see the sun set on this ancient, spectacular city. Place #91 in 111 Places in Barcelona That You Must Not Miss

Rooftop, Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

2 Capetown: Signal Hill

Enjoy a divinely beautiful South African sunset from atop Signal Hill. In the 17th Century, it was the place to keep watch for ships arriving in Capetown. Today, it is a wonderful place for a picnic with views of Robben Island, Table Bay, and Table Mountain. It also happens to be the best spot for gliding. What's more romantic than flying off a cliff with your favorite person in a tandem paraglider? Place #87 in 111 Places in Cape Town That You Must Not Miss

3 Dublin: The George

Celebrate love in the very first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote! Known as the 'queen of gay bars,' The George hosts a fabulous evening of Bingo every Sunday night. If you're looking to mix and mingle on Valentine's Day, there's no place like the George any night of the week (gay or straight, in fact). Place #4 in 111 Places in Dublin That You Shouldn't Miss

4 Edinburgh: Sandy Bell's

Romance and music go hand in hand. So pull up two chairs at Sandy Bell's Folk Bar and enjoy an evening of fiddles, harmonicas, and wonderful Scottish folk singing late into the night. Sandy Bell's touts a rich menu of malt whiskies and local beers, with a straightforward selection of sandwiches and steak and ale pies. It's a wonderful place to kick up your heels and bask in the city's musical history. Place #88 in 111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn't Miss

5 Hamburg: The Perfumery in the Hamburger Hof

Spend time together finding a luxurious, classic fragrance that you will both enjoy. This perfumery specializes in the classic, European perfumes, a whole wall of them in fact. Test several on your skin before you decide which one settles the best for you - florals, wood notes, citrus, moss, spices. You'll know when you find it. Place #82 in 111 Places in Hamburg That You Shouldn't Miss

6 Istanbul: Pierre Loti Teahouse

Pierre Loti was a romantic French writer at the turn of the 20th century. He adored Istanbul, where he himself found the love of his life, sadly unrequited. But he kept coming back to the city and spent time enjoying tea or Turkish coffee with a long drag from a fragrant hookah. This teahouse and cafÊ rests at the top of Loti Hill, accessible by a scenic cable car ride. Place #84 in 111 Places in Istanbul That You Must Not Miss

7 Los Angeles: Fire Pits at Dockweiler Beach

Fancy a warm fire on a cool night at the beach? Dockweiler Beach, just west of the airport, provides public fire rings. Bring your own gear - a flat grill, burgers, hot dogs, and marshmallows and spend the night grilling and roasting while the waves roll in and out. Don't forget your beach blankets, and a kettle for hot cocoa. Place #38 in 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss

8 Liverpool: Blue Coat Garden

Liverpool is filled history, architecture, music, and romantic spots. The Bluecoat Garden, for example, is a beautiful, quiet green space tucked away from the busy shopping streets. It is a place to sip a cup of coffee, talk about art, and dream big dreams about the future together. Place #21 in 111 Places in Liverpool That You Shouldn't Miss

9 Miami: Fruit & Spice Park

Miami is known for its sensual salsa and tropical heat. The environment is also fertile grounds for all sorts of lush flora. Fruit & Spice Park is the place to see the flowers and taste the fruits that thrive in the city. Taste exotic fruits, like mamey sapote, loquats, and star apples, and then stroll through the park filled with exotic fruits and spices from around the world. Place #38 in 111 Places in Miami & The Keys That You Must Not Miss

10 Salzburg: The Rose Hill

The City Of Mozart is filled with romance and beauty. It's the inspiration for Cinderella's Castle. But for a private spot, take a walk to the northern end of Mirabellgarten to Rose Hill. In season, the scent of roses is intoxicating. The views are spectacular any time of year. The nude sculpture is by Oskar Kokoschka of his favorite model and future wife, the prima ballerina Inge Schabel. Place #82 in 111 Places in Salzburg That You Shouldn't Miss

11 Verona: Pasticceria De Rossi

Verona is the home of Romeo & Juliet, so you know there has always been romance in the air. These days, lovers tend to be far less star-crossed, thankfully. Visit the Pasticceria de Rossi for some Baci di Romeo and Baci de Guilietta, or Kisses of Romeo & Juliet, vanilla and chocolate heart-shaped cookies. The enjoy them together beneath Juliet's historic balcony. Place #89 in 111 Places in Verona & Lake Garda That You Shouldn't Miss

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