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Send Us Your Favorite Places In Chicago!

Hey Chicagoland!

We are in the process of creating 111 Places in Chicago That You Must Not Miss!

And we want to invite you to participate!

Our guidebooks are for locals and experienced travelers, so we are looking for places that are not in other guides. We seek out cool, secret places that only people in the know can tell us about! So for the first time ever, we are holding 10 spots open for places submitted by our readers.

When you send us at least one suggestion, you will be entered to win a free copy of the book when it comes out in 2017!

We thought it would be fun to ask the citizens and fans of Chicago for help with our more unusual places from the city's darker corners and back alleys:

- Music: We want to know about the heart and soul of Chicago sounds, especially jazz: underground jazz clubs, sites of jazz and other musical history, the best places to see your favorite musicians up close and personal, or to find the true talent of tomorrow.

- The Mob: We know that the big Mob related places have been very well documented. Do you know a place that is related to the mob that most people don't know about? Mobster hangouts, favorite meeting spots, homes, personal stories. We want to know!

- Crime: Don't get us wrong - we love Chicago and know it's a wonderful, law abiding city. But every town has its notorious crimes, murders, and other nefarious activities! Tell us the stories about what happened, when, and where!

- Curiosities: In New York, we have the Freak Show and the Morbid Anatomy Museum. In Edinburgh, we have the Witches' Fountain. On the French Riviera, we have the Tattooed House. Every city has its curiosities and hauntings. What kind of funky places does Chicago have?

- Literature, Film, TV: What authors lived there, and where were their favorite places to write, eat, drink, dream? Was your favorite movie filmed in Chicago? Which beloved TV show filmed in the city streets? What culture or pop-culture related places can you share?

Please send your submissions December 15, 2016 to our North American Editor Karen Seiger.

We can't wait to hear from you! Go Cubs!

(Image by KQED)

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