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Welcome to 111 Places in Richmond You Must Not Miss, a collection of the sites and experiences that make the River City such a special place. To those who don’t know Richmond, you’ll find the city itself to be a hidden gem, the cradle of 400 years of American history, steward of the magnificent James River, and the unlikely home to heralded culinary masters. 

To those who do know Richmond, the self-deprecating but proud populace inured to its remarkable features, by flipping through these pages you will uncover secrets about your city, new and old. You know Hollywood Cemetery, but do you know the final resting place of our famous psychic horse? Have you kept an open mind about our smaller neighbors to the North and South and gazed at the Heavens from “the Center of the Universe” or seen the Petersburg residence constructed entirely from tombstones?

There’s something for everyone within these pages, whether nature lover, history buff, aesthete, epicurean, tippler, or just an adventurous soul seeking curiosities - the River City welcomes you to partake in its treasures. Join us in discovering the secret spots that Richmond hides so well.
Explore deep into the heart of Phoenix to find its best kept secrets, natural wonders, and inspiring people – not to mention a few ghosts – and discover the Old Western charm that still permeates the culture here. Visit a mystery castle, a gleaming white pyramid on a hilltop in Papago Park, and a curiosity shop on 7th Avenue. You can stargaze on horseback or at the top of a spiral tower resembling the Milky Way. Offer your respects at one of the numerous sites honoring the USS Arizona and the famed Navajo Code Talkers. Revel in the sight of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, find true beauty beneath a gorgeous peacock staircase, and ponder why a giant robot is reading a book instead of tapping on its smartphone. From the world’s tallest Kachina doll to sharks in a toilet, Phoenix is a haven for those who are adventurous and have a passion the Wild West of yesterday and today.
Winnipeg, a big city with a small-town spirit, is diverse, full of history, and culturally rich. This guide takes you beyond the usual and well-known landmarks and deep into the heart of the city.
Take a bison safari and imagine these enormous beasts thundering across the open prairie centuries ago. Visit the site where bison and fur traders once crossed a treacherous river. Walk through an abandoned monastery. Enjoy a mix of old and new in a campus building featuring century-old storefronts or a restaurant built around an old pumping station. Get a medium reading in a house with an intriguing paranormal history. Find high-quality Indigenous art and a modern bistro rooted in traditional First Nations cuisine.
Discover the creative, unpretentious, resilient, and often quirky nature of The Peg in 111 new ways.
The Scottish Highlands are at the most northerly extreme of mainland Britain. The region was once a place of turmoil and bloodshed, of clan warfare and royal misadventure. Now the Highlands are somewhere to explore at leisure. It is a place rich in history, a land of hills and craggy mountains, of secluded coves and sandy beaches, and appealing towns and villages.
With this book as your guide, meet Felicity, a large and friendly puma; learn the rules of Shinty, a unique and popular Highland sport; sit in the shade of Europe’s oldest living tree; take a turn around the Devil’s Elbow, if you dare; find yourself at the very centre of Scotland; visit a fairy village; take a stroll around an impossible garden; and shake it all about at the Earthquake House.
Written by someone who loves the Scottish Highlands whatever the weather, this book will help you explore this wonderfully beautiful region.
Mixing Roman and medieval roots, Chichester sits as the heart of a storied landscape where South Down hills dotted with idyllic hamlets ripple back from a shoreline mixing wild dune-backed beaches with old-school seaside resorts. Reminders of smuggling and war add spice. 
But a thrilling thread of modernity runs through this slice of West Sussex too. Chichester’s modernist Festival Theatre provided the foundation for London’s National Theatre, while masterpieces of contemporary architecture that draw admirers from around the world include Sea Lane House in East Preston and The White Tower in Bognor Regis. 
Evocative ancient memorials abound. Chichester is blessed with the only English cathedral visible from the sea, while England’s largest castle rises above the ravishing – and cosmopolitan – riverside town of Arundel. Ancient yew trees mark the burial spots of Viking warriors in an idyllic Downland spot. And it’s a land vibrant with creative imprints: poets, painters, composers, from Blake and Kets to Joyce and Chagall.
The hidden art of London is for the ever-curious roamer of both the back streets and the familiar places you never quite see - churches, gardens, graveyards, pubs. What little garden finds the poet John Keats sitting in the corner of a bench? Which abandoned building tells the story of a great Roman Road?
There are always marvels hidden in plain view - the back corner of a museum containing great sculptures by Rodin or the naked, street-corner golden boy, who marks where the Great Fire of London finally petered out. A famous literary cat or a painting by Hogarth on the bend of a stairs in an ancient hospital.
This guidebook takes you exploring London beyond its most famous sights to find the art we have never quite noticed before: the hidden statues, paintings, and murals that have escaped from the official museums, and often live unnoticed lives in tucked away places.
This unique guide explores the broad arc of terrain that flanks the city of Edinburgh – the three old counties of East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, plus the district of Falkirk, ancient hub of Central Scotland. It’s a rolling landscape dotted with multifarious sites of every era, concealed amidst its characterful towns, picturesque waterways, urban sprawl and quiet green spaces. Brooding castles, palatial mansions, poignant monuments and sacred ancient landmarks stand cheek-by-jowl with stark relics of industrial heritage and world-beating wonders of modern engineering. You can trace the proud vestiges of Rome’s final frontier, marvel at the fruitiness of a giant Georgian folly, walk into the secret birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and roam the coast that inspired an early environmental pioneer.

Myth mingles with reality in the hidden histories of this realm. You’ll encounter royal A-listers Mary, Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie, plus a king from Arthurian legend, to say nothing of industrious goblins, enigmatic crusaders, tragic witches, elusive extra-terrestrials and a curious character covered in prickly plants. 

Join Gillian Tait as she reveals 111 destinations with a difference around this diverse and fascinating region.
London offers a plethora of fun, interesting things for locals and visitors to do. Aside from the obvious tourist attractions, did you know there’s a man stuck in a clock? Or that dancing on a certain grave can make a beautiful tune? Do you know the best place for making sandcastles along the Thames? Or where to have breakfast with real London bus drivers? Have you ever seen the talking cat?
Covering all 32 boroughs of inner and outer London, this book offers an eclectic mix of fun facts with unique things to do; leading you to rediscover London. You may have walked down the same street a hundred times and never noticed a certain something. This book will tell you why it’s there and that just around the corner there is something great for kids! The book will introduce children to art, history, science and much more, which will inspire them and create great family talking points all whilst making invaluable memories. So, whether you are an ‘inny’ or an ‘outy’ Londoner, or visitor to this great city, grab the kids and get exploring!
What does Swansea and Gower mean to you? Is it a place of learning? A hub of industry? A city of sporting excellence? Or perhaps, a gateway to exploration and adventure? Do you picture endless days on pristine beaches, leisurely walks along rugged clifftops or a vibrant cultural tapestry? Swansea and Gower weave all these facets together, offering a captivating mosaic of experiences.
Meet sporting legends and trailblazing women who defied societal norms in an era dominated by men. Venture into the world of Ancient Egyptians, unravelling their lives – and deaths. Marvel at the grandeur of Norman lords’ ambitious creations and the fripperies of Victorian industrialists. Indulge your palate with the savoury allure of lamb raised on Atlantic salt meadows. Feel the adrenaline rush as you hurtle downhill on a mountain board, crocodiles snap food from your grip, or you ride a wave.
Stroll around the coast and lakes, and meander through fields of fragrant lavender or golden sunflowers. Immerse yourself in nature’s symphony, from pounding waterfalls to the serene serenades of insects. Unearth a world brimming with wonder, right on your doorstep, here in Swansea and Gower.
Many people only know Orlando as the home of Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, and immersive fantasy lands. It is packed with budget chain hotels, chain restaurants, and roughly a billion gift shops. Except the reality of Orlando is equally as enticing as these fantasy worlds, if not more!
Most of the most fascinating aspects of Orlando predate its theme park persona by decades.
111 Places in Orlando That You Must Not Miss reveals the city’s true backstory and dramatic modern face, highlighting how the first settlers survived in the 1830s, and the area’s role as the hub of Florida’s 19th century citrus industry. Explorers will find out what’s left of the city’s front-line Strategic Air Force Base from the Cold War; and the iconic “gator mouth” that has swallowed up tourists since 1949. 
Unearth the offbeat sites and hidden gems of The City Beautiful and discover all the ways it didn’t begin – or end – with a mouse.
You are holding the first book of its kind to take you exploring the US capital city for exciting and compelling places in Black history and culture. Whether you have visited Washington, DC several times or have been here all your life, 111 Places In Black Culture in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss will give you some surprising new insights into the city. 

You’ll learn about the largest attempted escape from slavery on record, the first Black millionaire, and the official dance of Washington, DC. This book sheds new light on some beloved businesses and introduces others that are sure to become favorites. It weaves its way through all four quadrants of the city to help locals and experienced travelers learn more, explore more, and do more. Experience a more inclusive look into the city with historical narratives that have often been overlooked or excluded.
Cornwall is known for its spectacular scenery, tiny fishing harbours, sandy beaches and surfing. Outside the tourist hotspots it has an intricate landscape full of life, where the ancient meets the modern. This guide takes you deep into this landscape, to old forgotten places and new exciting venues, from Land’s End to the Rame Peninsula, from Lizard Point to Bude. 
Come with us from the old – to where Excalibur was thrown into the lake hundreds of years ago – to the modern – to the settings for the Poldark TV series. Come with us from the tiny – the tombstone of Alfred Wallis – to the huge – the intricate folded rocks on Millook beach. Join us from the noisy – Trevithick’s Puffing Devil – to the quiet – the tranquil Japanese garden. 
Cornwall has changed. It is an intriguing mix of modern gastronomy, mining heritage, ancient ruins, literary festivals, traditional dances and brand-new technology. This guide is a personal selection of the best places, a mix to cover all tastes; please join us on our journey.
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