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111 VW Bus Stories

That You Should Know

Christian Schlüter

Contains numerous colour photographs

304 pages

27 x 20,5 cm

10,6 in. x 8 in.
ISBN : 978-3-7408-1646-9

£ 22.00
$ 35,00

Available: Fall 2022

111 VW Bus Stories That You Should Know


The VW Bus is not just a car. It is sentimental, a part of the family. A way of life on wheels. That's why most of them have names. And almost everyone has some sort of connection to the VW Bus. This book offers fascinating stories about one of the most popular automobiles of all time and the most successful camper van in the world - a kaleidoscope from the world of VW Buses.

Christian Schlüter

Christian Schlueter has owned a VW Bus since he was 17 and cannot imagine a more perfect vehicle. That's why he spends more than 100 nights a year camping in one. Now he has written a book about the car of his life. He works as a spokesperson for VW, Commercial Vehicles Division.

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