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111 Porsche Stories

That You Should Know

Wilfried Müller

Contains numerous colour photographs

304 pages

27 x 20,5 cm

10,6 in. x 8 in.
ISBN : 978-3-7408-0035-2


£ 20.00
$ 32.95

111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know


What came first - the Porsche or the Beetle? Which Porsche racing car set every world record in the very year when it was first presented in racing at Monza? And who is "Sascha"?

Immerse yourself in the unique and visionary world of Porsche: in tales of secret prototypes, fascinating photos from the Porsche archives, magic words such as "Carrera" and inside stories that have never zet been told in this way.

The 111 Porsche Stories will take you closer to the dreamworks than ever before.

Wilfried Müller

For more than three decades Wilfried Müller has written about fast cars, about people who design these fascinating machines, and about the daredevils who drive them. Born in Cologne, he travelled the world for many years as a motorsport reporter, wrote many books and developed his passion for Porsche – a topic that he works on to this day. Wilfried Müller lives in New Zealand with his wife and two children

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"111 Stories is good fun for any
Porsche or automotive history fan. (...) You’ll learn something
new, and be a smash at your local
Porschephile cocktail parties."


"If you're a Porsche freak, you need this new book now"

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