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111 Places in the Bronx

That You Must Not Miss


Step out from the shadow of Durham’s spectacular, UNESCO-listed cathedral to unveil this small, hilly city’s hidden depths – from historic hanging sites to hip, underground bars. 

Then explore unseen sides of the surrounding ceremonial county’s towns, tiny villages and seaside spots. See the real Barnard Castle, hear the story of Hartlepool’s most baffling local legend and judge the controversial Apollo Pavilion for yourself.


WINNER: Apple Award for Outstanding Achievement in Book Writing (Non-Fiction), Guides Association of New York City (GANYC)

111 Places in the Bronx

That You Must Not Miss

Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

Contains numerous color photographs

by Joe Conzo

240 pages

13,5 x 20,5 cm

5,25 in. x 8 in.
ISBN : 978-3-7408-0492-3


£ 12.99
$ 19.90

Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

Kevin C. Fitzpatrick is a third-generation New Yorker and the author and editor of seven books tied to New York City history, including guides to Governors Island, Jazz Age Manhattan, literary landmarks, and the city’s ties to World War I. Kevin has been a licensed NYC sightseeing guide for 20 years, leading tours of places from Woodlawn Cemetery to the Statue of Liberty, which he has climbed more than 200 times.


Joe Conzo

Bronx native Joe Conzo Jr. acquired a passion for photography at the Agnes Russell School on the campus of Columbia University and attended the School of Visual Arts. He has photographed all the hip-hop greats, and his images appear in the seminal book, Born In The Bronx: A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip Hop. Joe shares his stories at exhibits and events in the Bronx and around the world.



CBS New York

"111 Highlights of The Bronx"

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