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111 Places in Houston

That You Must Not Miss

Dana DuTerroil, Joni Fincham

Contains numerous colour photographs

by Daniel Jackson

240 pages

13,5 x 20,5 cm

5,25 in. x 8 in.
ISBN: 978-3-7408-1697-1


£ 13.99
$ 23.95

111 Places in Houston

That You Must Not Miss


Space City. Bayou City. Hustletown. Clutch City. Crush City. What’s the story behind all these nicknames? 111 Places is your guide to the hidden stories behind Houston’s nicknames, stereotypes, and statistics. As America’s most diverse city, this book provides 111 unique ways to explore Htown. Buy bling for your ride as well as your smile, dance to zydeco or two-step where Willie Nelson got his start, and view a 12-piece mariachi band from the interstate.  

Dana DuTerroil

Dana DuTerroil is a writer, lawyer, roller derby retiree, and co-owner of Trip Chandler, a two-woman team who give tours of Houston to visitors and locals. A Gulf Coast denizen who grew up in Houston and loves exploring her own city, one strip mall at a time. 


Joni Fincham

Joni Fincham is a Houston transplant via Kansas, North Carolina, Scotland, and New Orleans. New mom to a native Texan and side-kick to Sophie the French Spaniel. She employs her MBA skills as co-owner of Trip Chandler, where she also writes about Houston and gives tours to visitors, new arrivals, and locals.


Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson has been involved with Houston's music, art, food & beverage community for years. This self-taught photographer takes insightful portraits and has a passion for capturing the raw energy of live music. With his photos, he aims to capture the unique spirit of Houston, Texas and share his hometown with the world.

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