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111 Places in Hong Kong

That You Shouldn't Miss

Kathrin Bielfeldt​, Raymond Wong

Contains numerous colour photographs

by Jürgen Bürger

240 pages

13,5 x 20,5 cm

5,25 in. x 8 in.
ISBN : 978-3-95451-936-1


£ 12.99
$ 19.90

111 Places in Hong Kong

That You Shouldn't Miss


From zero to hundred in 175 years ­– no other metropolis has as compressed and chequered a history as Hong Kong, with its striking and seamless blend of eastern and western cultures. Step off the beaten path to explore Hong Kong's hidden heart. Discover what compels locals to stand in a line that snakes around the corner every morning at 4:30am, and from which "Great Wall of China" you will find a wonderful view over the South China Sea. Learn what gas lanterns have to do with the bubonic plague, and visit a place where 1,000,000 HK$ for a golf cart seems like a bargain. From secluded beaches to wishing trees, prepare to be surprised, delighted, and amazed.

Kathrin Bielfeldt

Kathrin Bielfeldt is a translator and copywriter. During a backpacking tour through Hong Kong and China 1990, she lost her heart to the country, its people, and their culture. Life took her around the world, but Hong Kong remains, for her, the most beautiful city on Earth.


Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong is a native of Hong Kong. He is a successful author of travel guides, a ghostwriter, and a columnist – and one of the first men in Hong Kong to take parental leave.


Jürgen Bürger

Jürgen Bürger is a translator, webdesigner, outstanding photographer, and an expert on street art. Since he walked through Hong Kong for weeks and still didn’t make it to the Walled City Park, he just wants one thing: to book the next journey to Hong Kong.

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