111 Places in Fife

That You Shouldn't Miss

Gillian Tait

Contains numerous colour photographs

240 pages

13,5 x 20,5 cm

5,25 in. x 8 in.
ISBN : 978-3-7408-0597-5


£ 12.99
$ 20.00

111 Places in Fife

That You Shouldn't Miss


Fife is an ancient Scottish county with a distinctive, self-contained identity. Tourists flock to the world-famous golf courses in the old university town of
St Andrews. But Fife is packed with lesser-known treasures, places of stunning natural beauty as well as fascinating monuments of every era, from prehistoric past to post-industrial present, testaments to its long, eventful and illustrious history. The 111 places in this book celebrate the delightful otherness of Scotland’s unique little Kingdom. 

Gillian Tait

Gillian Tait was born in Edinburgh, and grew up in other parts of Scotland. She studied art history and painting conservation at the universities of Edinburgh and London respectively, and worked for many years in the museum sector in Scotland, England and the USA. More recently she has occupied her time as a writer, editor and photographer, while indulging her passions for travel, singing and performing in opera, operetta and musical theatre, and improving her Italian. 111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn’t Miss was her first book in this series. She subsequently contributed to 111 Places in Glasgow That You Shouldn’t Miss as photographer and editor, and her latest book as both author and photographer is 111 Places in Fife That You Shouldn’t Miss. She lives in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. 


Edinburgh Evening News about 111 Places in Edinburgh

"... a myriad of interesting and unusual places not found in traditional guides to the Capital."

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