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111 Places in Cambridge

That You Shouldn't Miss

Ross Horton, Sally Simmons

Contains numerous colour photographs

by Guy Snape

240 pages

13,5 x 20,5 cm

5,25 in. x 8 in.
ISBN: 978-3-7408-1285-0


£ 12.99
$ 20.00

111 Places in Cambridge

That You Shouldn't Miss


Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Cambridge every year, to see the colleges, go punting on the river, and shop. But there is much more to Cambridge than its university and Silicon Fen. Over the centuries, town and gown together have transformed this city, which was an inland port until the 17th century. Eccentricity is something of a Cambridge tradition, and the town seems to delight in taking its visitors by surprise, whether that’s with a huge metal time-eating grasshopper, May Balls held in June, sculptures that dive into the ground feet first, or a museum that makes a feature of broken pottery. You will find these and many more curiosities in this book.

Ros Horton

Ros Horton was brought up and studied in London but moved to Cambridge to pursue a career in publishing. After many years in educational marketing at Cambridge University Press she left to work freelance, and reinvented herself as an editor. Getting together with her former colleague and friend of over 30 years, Sally Simmons, they formed Cambridge Editorial and have worked together ever since. She likes to indulge her passion for singing in an a cappella choir, and playing ukulele in Major Swing, a six-piece gypsy jazz band.


Sally Simmons

Sally Simmons was a student at Cambridge University and began her career in publishing at the University Press, where Ros Horton was her first boss. Marriage took her to France for several years, where she started her family and became a committed Francophile. She now divides her time between Cambridge and Fontainebleau. Luckily, her work with Cambridge Editorial is portable, as is the latest target of her late-onset mission to rehome small, elderly dogs.


Guy Snape

Guy Snape was born in North Staffordshire and studied at Birmingham, Kingston and Cambridge universities. In a varied career, he has been a schoolteacher in the UK and Greece, and a software consultant.

As well as his photographic work, he is currently training as a psychotherapist, while teaching ukulele and guitar and occasionally giving lectures on the art and science of bread-making. He lives in Cambridge with his wife, two teenage children and their cat and dog.



Cambridge News

"If you fancy spending the day being a tourist in your own city, you really should pick up a copy of this book"

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