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111 Places in Atlanta

That You Must Not Miss

Travis Swann Taylor

Contains numerous color photographs

240 pages

13,5 x 20,5 cm

5,25 in. x 8 in.
ISBN: 978-3-7408-1887-6


£ 13.99
$ 23.95

111 Places in Atlanta

That You Must Not Miss


Atlanta gifts her visitors a generous dose of Southern hospitality and international culture steeped in history, flavors, and high-tech, all on the wings of progress and a keen eye on the future. This guidebook is a journey through Atlanta’s identity from its Native American origins through the tumultuous U.S. Civil War, uncovering contemporary oddities and adventures all the way to 8,113 A.D.

Travis Swann Taylor

Writing since he could wield a pen, Travis Swann Taylor has an ever-growing sense of wanderlust and stories from around the world. A self-taught photographer, he has carried a camera since the age of 10. Travis chose Atlanta to call his home, and today, he continues to find awe and fascination throughout the city.

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